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Customer Details

Mobile Number: 9320553332
Name:  Bindu Shah
Gender: Female
DOB: 6   July  1975
Email Id: bindu06@yahoo.com
Buiding No.:
Street Name:
City: 8
Postal Code:
Country: India
Landline No.:
Card Number: 23VFPY62JQB
Date of Created: May 10 2013 8:20PM
Status: Active
Dealer Name: AND RCITY
Opening Purchase: 0.00
Opening Points: 0
Total Available Points: 0
Redeem Points: 0
Expired Points: 69.95
WhatsApp Cmp Points:

Earn Points summary

S.No. Mobile Number Billing value Amount Bill Number Bill Date Store Loyalty Points
1 919320553332 1,399.00 SB-751-13 5/10/2013 AND RCITY 69.95

Burn Points summary

S.No. Mobile Number Store Date of Creation Loyalty Points
No Records Found

Issued Vouchers

S.No. Mobile Number Gift Voucher Code Gift Voucher Value Issed Date Redeem Date Voucher Status Resend Voucher
No Records Found

B'day & Special offers Vouchers

S.No. Mobile Number Offer Coupon Code Issued On Coupon Status Resend
1 919320553332 Bday coupon BDAGR9TH 7/1/2013 12:03:58 PM Expired
2 919320553332 Bday coupon BDQMFCU 6/27/2014 11:01:51 AM Expired
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